Professional Patio Cleaning at Incredible Prices

We’ll get your patio cleaner for the cheapest price around!

iGardeners has a comprehensive range of professional services that include patio cleaning. It’s easy for your patio, terrace, courtyard or decking to become a little shabby looking, particularly after a spell of bad weather. That’s why our dedicated driveway cleaning service was created! We keep our prices unbelievably low because we’ve been established in London a long time and can be competitive. Our customers come back to us whenever the stones of their patio areas become grimy and looking unsightly because we’re so affordable! We can transform your garden by giving your patio a facelift. Why don’t you call us on 020 3744 6607 for a free quote?!

Want to enjoy your patio area more?

Because patios are generally next to a home, it’s almost impossible to avoid looking at it when it doesn’t look its best. After a while the rest of your garden looks dull and boring too. You won’t believe the difference a professional patio cleaning service can make to the colour, texture and quality of your stone groundwork. We come to your property fully armed with all the jet washing equipment, machinery and products needed to deliver first class results in your own back yard! No more having to invest in equipment to clean your patio! Let us take the strain for you while you sit back, relax and enjoy your garden.

Professional Patio Cleaning in UK
Expert Patio Cleaners in London

Take a Seat and Enjoy the View!

Most people use their patio and terrace areas for somewhere to sit in their garden. Why have your garden furniture nestling into a messy patio area. Do you have weeds growing from between the stonework? Are your paving slabs and tiles looking a little worse for wear? Wouldn’t you love to get on with relaxing rather than always ‘getting around to it’ yourself? Well, now you can let us do all the work! Hire our jet wash cleaning service and it won’t cost you much at all! We have designed a secret technique that will get your patio cleaner than it has ever been and weed-free too! Call us on 020 3744 6607 for a free estimate.

Got Stains on Your Stonework You Can’t Remove?

Our professional patio cleaners are able to shift just about any mark or stain that can get onto your stonework, even when it’s absorbed into the stone’s pores. Our fantastic system gets into the most porous of materials and shifts any engrained dirt and grime from inside out. Perhaps you were fixing your car and there’s now a big oil patch on your patio? We have the skill to shift it for you and our patio cleaning services are so cheaply priced, you’ll find it hard to resist! Don’t let your garden look shabby because your patio’s tatty! Let us clean up your patio for a bargain price. Call us today!

Immaculately Cleaned Patios for Discount Prices!

iGardeners has a long-held tradition of charging the lowest prices in London for the most professional driveway cleaning services. Our customers come back to us time and time again because they know they’ll never find better value elsewhere. We have no minimum order and can deal with the smallest of stone areas to the largest of patios and terraces. You won’t believe your eyes at the transformation when you see the stones looking like you’ve never seen them before! We’ll remove any weeds that have sprouted in between your stones and ensure they don’t come back in a hurry. All you have to do is sit back and relax while our patio cleaners get on with the job. Why don’t you call us now and reserve your appointment today. Call 020 3744 6607 and get it now!

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