• Hedge Trimming London

    Hedge Trimming Starting from £117

    You like your hedges to always be in shape, but don’t have the time or ability to deal with them? Then our gardeners are exactly what you need. Our hedge trimming experts will come right over and start working on your garden the second you tell them exactly what you want. They are professionals with plenty of experience, so they know exactly how to treat a hedge. And don’t worry about prices – starting from £85, we offer the best value for money.

  • Lawn Mowing London

    Lawn Mowing Starting from £117.00

    Mowing the lawn can be quite the tedium. A daily chore that you have to repeat again and again as grass will never stop growing. But you have the perfect solution in the face of our gardeners. We are a diligent bunch that will spend however much time you want on your lawn. We will do all the lawn mowing you want, and at a reasonable cost. £85 is the starting price, and you will only be surprised at where it goes.

  • Tree Trimming London

    Tree Trimming Starting from £117.00

    Tree branches have no growth control. They can grow and crack and break and fall anywhere in your garden or on your house. Branches can be dangerous if they grow too close to windows or grow enough to hang over your garden shed, garage, or roof. You need to keep them in check, and we are the people you need to do it. With our expertise and low prices, starting from just £85, we will be your house and shed’s saviours.

  • Jet Washing London

    Jet Wash Prices Starting from £60.00

    Your patio can get quite dirty. Considering all the dirt and dust and leaves, and other things the wind may blow your way, you can find it in all sorts of state. And who has the time to spend cleaning the patio on a daily basis to keep as much of the dirt at bay as possible? Deal with that by hiring one of our teams. We offer thorough jet washing for a clean patio at amazing prices, starting from just £50.

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